Defeating of safeguards on machines can cause serious accidents, high costs and restrict the availabiltity of machines. Taking a look inside the enterprises shows: one-third of safeguards are defeated (from "Report of defeating of protective devices of machinery" -only available in german-). This results in thousands of accidents every year – some of them fatal. The aim must be to prevent these accidents.

Against the background of global markets, the problem of defeated protective equipment is not limited to individual countries. An international exchange of information relating to this issue is desirable.

With the information provided on this website www.stop-defeating.org, the Section on Machine and System Safety of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) intends to contribute to an open discussion within and between companies on the issue of manipulating protective equipment. These discussions are to be the basis for new solutions to avoid incentives for defeat in the future, and thus to render acts of defeating protective equipment unnecessary.