Working together safely

A publication about health and safety in tourism aimed at training and informing those involved has certainly been an

important commitment for us. 

In fact, both the legislative panorama and the organizational framework of the work environment have made it decidedly challenging to condense the relative formative and informative themes into one single volume.

This is why we have tried to produce a mono-graphic synthesis, condensing the main topics of safety, prevention and protection into thematic charts.

A job achieved working together with the colleagues of the German Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and

Prevention in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector (BGN), which thanks to their long experience in the area of vocational training and information, has allowed us to consider this work the first important contribution to an international guideline for training in tourism.

It is an important component for building a culture of safety which is shared, active and responsible among all in the field. 

Consequently the best experts in the sector have contributed in content as well as methodology; whom we have not only asked to provide technical-scientific information regarding the various themes, but also to guarantee simple, clear explanations supplying a non-technical guide, understandable and engaging for all.





Working together safely

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