Traditional catering

In the catering industry, the easier access to jobs requires the improvement of the working conditions and the development of occupational risk prevention.

Every year, around 1.680.000 working days are lost in France due to catering-related activities, accidents at work, commuting accidents and professional diseases. This represents the equivalent of 4 600 full-time jobs over the year !

  • 2/3 of the accidents at work take place during lunch time,
  • 2/3 of the victims of a workplace injury have less than one year of seniority in their job.

The main risks:

  • Falling down stairs,
  • Falls in the kitchen or in the dining room,
  • Cuts with knives during the meal preparatory phase,
  • Cuts with broken glass, especially while manually polishing glasses.

To that must be added:

  • Manual handling of loads and awkward postures,
  • Stress during the rush hour,
  • Tensions (verbal and physical violence...),
  • Accidents when commuting between home and the workplace.

Risk prevention approach:

  1. Assessing risks
    Each entrepreneur is responsible for the health and safety of his employees. He must evaluate the risks and record this evaluation in a document. For that, it is possible to use « OIRA Restauration traditionnelle », the risk assessment online tool.
    This free software may be used to guide the risk assessment process. It also suggests preventive measures. To access OIRA, click on the link provided :
  2. Identifying preventive measures
    This risk assessment helps identify preventive measures. Numerous measures are proposed by the OIRA tool. 8 information sheets have been produced with the profession to describe good practises.

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