BGN Ventilation App

The "BGN Ventilation App" offers small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in the catering industry, assistance with proper ventilation. This is particularly important in times of the pandemic, because effective protection against infection always consists of the measures distance, hygiene, mouth-nose mask and ventilation (AHA+L).


BGN ventilation calculator

Open the windows and ventilate - that is the easiest way to comply with the requirements of the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulations when ventilating workrooms. How often and for how long depends on the room size and the number of guests in the room. 1,000 ppm is the maximum CO2 concentration in the room generated by human exhalation.


Safe ventilation in times of the Corona-pandemic: shock ventilation, technical ventilation, air purification

Regular and abundant ventilation is very important, especially in times of the pandemic. This is because it not only improves the air quality, but also reduces the risk of infection, as the number of pathogens in the air can increase considerably in unventilated rooms. The BGN has produced a brochure for companies entitled "Safe ventilation in times of the Corona pandemic: shock ventilation, technical ventilation, air purification".


Ventilation against Corona: BGN guidelines: Ventilation measures in rooms of the hotel and restaurant industry

With the recent Corona outbreaks, the transmission of the viruses through the air in the form of aerosols has become a particular focus of discussion.

It can be assumed that, in addition to the consistent adherence to the known measures such as keeping distance and wearing a mouth and nose covering, the risk of transmission is significantly minimised by adequate ventilation.