Carry out asbestos remediation works safely

Dealing with asbestos is dangerous. Respirable asbestos fibers can be breathed and cause asbestosis or cancer. Therefore dealing with asbestos materials is forbidden in Germany. Excepted from this prohibition are remediation works if the required technical and organizational protective measures are observed. 


Where can asbestos occur ? The virtual asbestos house gives answers!

The virtual Asbestos House

Although the use of asbestos has been illegal for a long time, this material still endangers the health of workers, as it still regularly occurs in buildings constructed before 1990. This can have grave consequences.


The removal and reclamation of asbestos-containing materials

The removal and reclamation of asbestos-containing materials is undoubtedly one of the most risky work activities today. A proper training of employers and employees who are active in this field is therefore a very important aspect of prevention. 
This publication is used as the main manual in the training courses organised by the  Occupational Safety and Health Service (Spisal) of the Department of Prevention at the Local Health Unit of Venice.


Asbestos: Towards a worldwide ban

The purpose of this brochure of ISSA's Special Commission on Prevention is to remind the reader that whilst asbestos may still be seen as a "miracle mineral", it is above all a time bomb and the moment has now come to ban it once and for all.