Risk assessment

Supplementation of risk assessment in terms of the SARS-CoV2 occupational safety standard

To support its member companies in coping with the Corona pandemic, the BGN (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the foodstuffs and catering industry) has developed guidelines for various sectors.


10 Vital Rules

More safety at the workplace is the objective of the Safety Charta (www.sicherheits-charta.ch). It had been initiated by Suva in cooperation with employers’ associations, designers and trade unions. STOP in case of danger, remedy the danger, continue to work.


Fit and healthy in small enterprises

Evaluation of the room climate

The brochure offers practical help in the evaluation of the room climate and possible solutions for the removal or reduction of problems arising from the room climate.

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App “Supplementary risk assessment”

The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the energy, textile, electrical and media products sectors (BG ETEM) has developed an app for smartphones and tablet computers to be used by its member companies. This app allows to create a “supplementary risk assessment for construction and assembly sites“ directly at the workplace. The app contains a checklist that can be worked through at the construction and assembly site.

Up-to-date information on the construction site can easily be added to the risk assessment set up within the company. Once the documentation is completed in a PDF format, it can directly be emailed via the app to the company.


Guide for Risk Assessment in Small and Medium Enterprises

The International Social Security Association (ISSA) provides protection for people world wide through sustainable social security systems. In this context prevention is of great importance. The contribution of knowledge and the commitment of 13 International Sections enable the ISSA to promote occupational safety and health throughout the world.


Mental Stress in the enterprise-New guideline for small enterprises

A risk assessment is a legal duty. It makes sense to add an evaluation of mental strains at the workplace and to provide a detailed insight into concrete strain situations.

BGN now offers guidelines for the evaluation of psychological hazards, especially for the hospitality sector, the bakery and the meat processing industry. 


Healthy and fit in a small company

How brainstorming meetings can help

By means of this tool, SME are e.g. enabled to optimise their workflow, to increase product quality, to improve internal organisation or to avoid stress and thus to initiate a continuous improvement process in cooperation with their staff in so-called "brainstorming meetings".


Exposure to hand-arm vibration

The factsheet regards the exposure to hand-arm vibration (HAV). Depending on their frequency, these mechanical stresses are transmitted from vibrating work tools (drills, hammers, grinders, etc.,) to hand and then, to other parts of the body.


Training for work on vehicles with high voltage systems

The growing use of voltages above 30 V AC and 60 V DC in automotive technology owing to fuel cells, hybrid technology and electric vehicles gives rise to an electrical hazard in the form of electric shock and arcing during work on vehicles. This in turn results in a responsibility for the employer to train his employees further such that they are able to assess pending electrical work, identify possible hazards, and define suitable protective measures.