New offers for occupational health management from “Health Promotion Switzerland” with tools and information suitable for everyday use.

The Leadership Kit and the HR Toolbox provide quick and easy support for managers and human resources officers in their everyday work. The offers were developed especially for small and medium-sized companies for independent use.


Management of Hazardous Substances

This brochure presents the consequences of legislation on the handling of hazardous substances with the focus on health protection in the workplace.

Starting from the European legal framework for the handling of hazardous substances at the workplace, the respective national legal implementations in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain will be shown. The most important laws, regulations, and rules will be briefly outlined.


Make it Safe 2022: What’s next? – beyond the new normal

Annual health and safety conference and tradeshow for manufacturers and food processors.

Learn from the industry experts and business leaders who are sharping the future of workplace health and safety. In focus: The emerging risks and opportunities shaping the way we work.


Machine sheet: angle grinder

In Austria, the employee protection law provides the occupational health and safety care for all employees regardless of the size of the company. For workplaces with up to 50 employees, the Austrian Workers´ Compensation Board (AUVA) offers the preventive service called "AUVAsicher" free of charge. In 2017, more than 280 preventative specialists (occupational physicians and safety specialists) travelled throughout Austria to work with companies to develop measures to improve safety and health.


OSHAfrica 2019

This historic event aims to bring together stakeholders from across Africa and beyond to discuss the existing challenges in Occupational Safety and Health in Africa.

It will be of interest to anyone who wants to help translate these challenges into opportunities and practice, for the benefit of the region and the world at large.


Operating instructions for enterprises in the pyrotechnic sector

The pyrotechnic sector – including manufacturing, storage and selling of fireworks – is particularly risky and affected by frequent accidents and injuries (usually fatal). Inail, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, has drawn up the following booklet, whose aim is helping pyrotechnical enterprises – mostly small-sized and artisan ones – to manage occupational safety and health (OSH).


Microclimate and workplaces

The Legislative Decree n° 81/2008 classifies microclimate as a physical agent, for which risk assessment is mandatory. The term “microclimate” stands for a set of four parameters (air temperature, average radiant temperature, air speed and relative humidity), characterizing an environment from a thermal point of view. This Factsheet shows how to assess the risks related to microclimate in moderate work environments and in hot or cold severe ones.


Media library for occupational safety and health and health promotion

In order to actually reach workers when instructing them on occupational safety and health, it is important that the presentation meets high standards as far as content, didactic concepts and visual impression are concerned. 

You can already find films on occupational safety and health on different sites in the Internet. For the new Internet-based media library, we have sighted and linked the films and OSH-clips freely available in the Internet at present, in agreement with the BAuA, the DGUV and the SUVA.

Sorry, this article is not available in English.

Follow this link to the original version of the article.


Media Library Online of the International Media Festival for Prevention 2014

The International Media Festival for Prevention 2014 took place in the framework of the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work from August 24 to 27, 2014 in Frankfurt. 290 film and multimedia applications from 33 countries were submitted to the Festival. Six films and three multimedia applications received the coveted International Media Award for Prevention. The online resource portal provides a good overview of current media on prevention from all over the world. Please take this opportunity to convince yourself of the high quality of the Festival contributions!


Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWP) in construction sites

This booklet promotes an effective and safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) in temporary or mobile construction sites, describing the following topics:

  • legislative regulations in force;
  • existing kinds of MEWP;
  • criteria for their selection and safe use;
  • aspects to be considered when assessing risks for MEWP operators (i.e. accidents, electrocution due to contact with power lines);
  • management of emergencies;
  • operating procedures.

Dust control!

Ben and Becky work together in a bakery and find themselves in a flour dust-competition. Flour dust arises when working in the bakery. It strains the airways and can at worst cause respiratory diseases and skin problems. Health hazards due to flour dust can be significantly reduced by preventive action. Therefore in this flour dust-competition points are earned for the right, low-dust working methods.

Ben and Becky show you how it works!


NIOSH Ladder safety app

This tool is a phone application which is both free and easy to install. It was developed to improve extension ladder safety.Hopefully, this simple mobile application will provide applicable information concerning the proper slope and angle of ladders commonly used in homes and workplaces. It is especially useful for small enterprises because of how easy it is to use and the fact that it is free. 



The building of single-family houses and small masonry works are activities which have many risks. This is confirmed by the fact that the number of accidents at work and occupational diseases is very high in this sector. However, prevention measures enable to maintain the health of the employees and the enterprises.


OHS-Workshop für Mentoren, Lahore, September 2015

In the framework of the programme “Support of reforms in the education sector in Pakistan”, the Chairman of the Management Board of BG ETEM, Mr. Olaf Petermann, the Technical Supervisory Official and manager of one BG Education and Training Centre, Mr. Klaus Schneider and the Technical Supervisory Official, Mr. Florian Kraugmann, spent, at the beginning of September, as short-term experts six days in Lahore, Pakistan. The aim was to give the training staff from a local training centre support so that they are able to develop the recommended training.