23. World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

This international conference is your opportunity to gather and connect with global leaders in safety and harm prevention from over 120 countries. 

You’ll hear about new work health and safety ideas, gain insight into the latest research, and discover innovative solutions for your workplace while building strategic alliances and partnerships to advance work health and safety.


7 Golden Rules for Small Businesses

This Guide is based on the ISSA Guide “VISION ZERO: 7 Golden Rules for Zero Accidents and Healthy Work”. It is a special offer for small businesses, where the employer herself / himself is the only leading person, being responsible to manage alone the safety, health and well-being of her / his employees. In order to meet this ambitious challenge, it is important for the employer to care for her / his own safety, health and well-being thus offering a pro-active role model behaviour to her / his workers.


10 Vital Rules

More safety at the workplace is the objective of the Safety Charta (www.sicherheits-charta.ch). It had been initiated by Suva in cooperation with employers’ associations, designers and trade unions. STOP in case of danger, remedy the danger, continue to work.