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Aston Martin apprentices say Speak Up

A British Safety Council video made with the world famous car company, featuring seven of their young apprentices who have all started work recently. They explain, in their own words, why health and safety is important, how to stay safe and urge all young people to speak up or stop work if they feel unsafe.


Workplace Hazard Awareness Course (WHAC)

The Workplace Hazard Awareness Course (WHAC) is a free training programme for teenagers.  It is usually taught in schools but can also be used for college induction training.  It was developed by IOSH with help from the HSE and is designed to prepare young people for their work experience or first job.  The course has more than 20 activities and takes 6 – 8 hours to deliver. 


Prevention Through Pictures

The brochure is based on twelve chapters with a total of forty-three scenarios on risk situations.

43 videos in English, French and Dutch, based on the scenarios of the brochure «prevention through pictures» are available on the Youtube channel of Constructiv.


Learning modules of the BG ETEM

“InterACTIVELY SAFE AND HEALTHY AT THE WORKPLACE“ – just like currently around 40 learning modules on different issues concerning occupational safety and health. In a descriptive and varied manner, the learning modules interactively convey knowledge on occupational safety and health to the user. The spectrum ranges from general issues, such as “skin protection”, “office work” or “lifting and carrying”, to specific hazards that can arise when working with electric current or hazardous substances. Within 15 to 20 minutes, each learning module conveys the relevant information on the issue. In addition, there’s a knowledge quiz with at least 10 questions - as a self-test for the trainee. However, the learning modules don’t replace the personal instruction. 


Tips for young workers

A British Safety Council animation that uses humour to encourage school children to use common sense to spot and report hazards. Featuring a careless giraffe, a dopey dog and a reckless rabbit who experience a number of self-inflicted injuries.


Well-hedged with the BGN-Updates

The methodical tools "update occupational safety" and “update skin protection” were developed to support teachers at vocational colleges during training with students  from the gastronomy, hotel industry and bake/cake shops. Students are given understanding of the serious and important topic of safety at work and of the correct hand protection and hygiene.

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Quiz – Campaign „Keep up!“ - Safety on ladders and treads

Falling from heights (whether it is from a ladder or from stairs) often results in severe accidents. This does not only involve serious injuries, but there is a range from temporary to permanent disability, possibly with a longer absence from work, or even casualties. One main focus hence should be the conduct and manner of working of the staff members.


ISSA-Instruction Maintenance in Plants with High Safety Requirements

Maintenance is part of the usual business in process plants. As indicated in various legal and technical standards, the instruction of workers for safety topics is crucial. In practice, it is very difficult to ensure safety. The accident rate of maintenance work is still a major focus point. 


ISSA-Instruction Storage of Chemicals

Safe storage of chemicals is not only relevant in chemical plants; the products in the following examples are also chemicals:

  • Paint and varnishes of a painter workshop,
  • Cleaning and disinfecting agents of a cleaning company,
  • Oils, solvents and thinners in a repair shop,
  • Building foams, cement residue remover of a construction company,
  • Gas bottles with acetylene, oxygen, liquefied gases of a locksmith.

As indicated in various legal and technical standards, the instruction of workers for safety topics is crucial.


A Rucksack to avoid back pain

This microsite was developed for employers and employees of small, medium and big enterprises to improve the knowledge about back pain, its prevention and the possibilities to influence the conditions at work. On the site you can find a collection of several tools for employees as well as for experts for occupational health and safety, f. i. information about back pain, media, films, online-tests, posters a. s. o. All examples are from the food stuff industries and the catering trade. 

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British Safety Council campaign for young workers

International evidence suggests that young people are at a higher than average risk of being killed or injured in the workplace.

The British Safety Council, a global health, safety and environmental charity, is providing free health and safety qualifications for young people and campaigns for safer working conditions.


Co-operation for Education

In the "dual" system of the vocational education in Germany the education is realized according to defined "job descriptions". The vocational schools provide the theoretical basis while the enterprises provide the practical training.


Youth want to push limits - but not beyond safety

For about 40 years, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has carried out the campaign “Jugend will sich-er-leben" (Youth want to push limits - but not beyond safety) once a year throughout Germany. The tuition concept with competition character supports teachers in vocational schools and trainers in enterprises by increasing the awareness of young job beginners for occupational safety and health topics