Safety flyer for the hairdressing salons

With this flyer the Occupational Safety And Health Service Department of Public Health of the Local health Unit of Venice gives its contribution  to the prevention activities in the hairdressing sector. The main occupational risks of hairdressing are here shortly reviewed and the safety check used for the enforcement activities of the Occupational Safety And Health Office is shown. All through the year 2016 this safety check was used for the surveys of the Occupational Safety And Health Service of Venice in more than thirty hairdressing salons.


Prevention of respiratory and skin diseases in the hairdressing sector

In the hairdressing salons numerous products are used: shampoo, colorants … They can cause occupational diseases of the skin and the respiratory tract: eczema, asthma… These diseases can be the reason for important social, human and financial costs. 


Occupational risks in hairdressing salons

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