No problem with stress – manual for supporting employees

This booklet, translated from German, analyzes workers’ behaviors and lifestyles, which must be promoted for stress prevention.

As important as it is to assess and to modify in a positive manner, whenever needed the possible “stressors” at the workplace - work organization, corporate safety climate, control of workloads etc. – it is also important that workers give their positive contribution to the goal of minimizing work-related stress.

The topics of this publication are good management of personal relationships, a proper behavior with regards to alcohol, adequate sports activities, good nutrition, proper relationships with colleagues and more. Like the publication on the prevention of stress on managers’ work activities, this one has been developed within the framework of the European Project "Mental health at the workplace" coordinated by the BKK Bundesverband (Betriebskrankenkasse), the Union of German Corporate Health Insurance Agencies.

Target groups

This documentary material may be used overall as a support for workers’ training; as known, the assessment of work-related stress and its control by means of appropriate preventive and protective measures (and, in this context, are obviously also included specific training sessions), are statutory obligations, according to the Article 28 of the so-called “Testo Unico” on occupational health and safety.


Touristic sector (Horeca: hotel restaurants catering)

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Work-related stress - workers’ lifestyle and behaviors for prevention

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