No problem with stress – manual for managers

This booklet, translated from German, analyzes the risk of work-related stress of managers and employers of small companies.

Also managers and employers are exposed to health risks due to work-related stress, but the question has different aspects with respects to what happens to employees.

The primary goal of this booklet is to draw attention to the preventive measures that can be implemented to protect and possibly strengthen managers’ health.

The booklet also describes some positive experiences, made at several German companies, in order to properly control work-related stress. Another part is specifically dedicated to the problem of "reintegration" of the workers who were affected by stress-related diseases; effective support strategies that managers can put into place to ease the reintegration of these workers are illustrated and discussed.

Here, managers of small companies can find useful reference points with regards to the choice of proper lifestyles to avoid/contain their work-related stress and positively influence their employees’ risk of occupational stress.

Target groups

This documentary material may be used overall as a support for workers’ training; as known, the assessment of work-related stress and its control by means of appropriate preventive and protective measures (and, in this context, are obviously also included specific training sessions), are statutory obligations, according to the Article 28 of the so-called “Testo Unico” on occupational health and safety.


Touristic sector (Horeca: hotel restaurants catering)

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Work-related stress - lifestyles and prevention- workers rehabilitation and reintegration after stress-related diseases

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