The building of single-family houses and small masonry works are activities which have many risks. This is confirmed by the fact that the number of accidents at work and occupational diseases is very high in this sector. However, prevention measures enable to maintain the health of the employees and the enterprises.

The health damages in this professional branch are twice as often and graver as the average of other branches. The employer’s contribution to the statutory accident insurance in France represents for these activities 8% of the payroll (in average 2.4%). These are 1.400.000 lost working days which correspond to 3.800 full-time employees per year.

Main risks:

  • Falls (by holes in the floor or unsecured edges)
  • Falls on the same level (subjects lying around or bad condition of the floors)
  • Joint disorders of the upper extremities (caused by lifting and carrying loads)

Risk prevention approach:

  1. Assessing risks
    The employer is responsible for the health and safety of his employees. He is therefore obliged to evaluate the employees’ risks at work (with their participation) and to develop the necessary prevention measures.
  2. Defining and implementing preventive measures:
    In order to do this you will find on the INRS-website a flyer for download in which 8 concrete solutions for implementation are described.  They enable to reduce the main causes for accidents and diseases in this profession branch.

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