“Let us talk about slips, trips and falls – That’s good!”

As a quarter of all accidents in domestic professions (domestic aid, care, technical interventions) are slips, trips and falls almost every third accident is caused by this. For the elder residents, who are the beneficiaries of such aids, 80% of the accidents are slips, trips and falls which may lead to a need for domestic aid or care. How can these risks be prevented? By analyzing the working situations and acting together. The protective devices concern the resident, the employee but in particular the boss/manager of the enterprise and influence the working organization.

Within the European Fair in Strasbourg Carsat Alsace Moselle has developed a flyer in which the arguments are explained in detail and strategies for actions are given.

Furthermore a game of the goose has been designed in order to demonstrate the message of prevention to every participant in a playful way.

It can be used as help for discussion when starting the training or during the instruction at the workplace in domestic aid and care professions.



Game board (French)

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Rules of the game (French)  Download (2,45 MB)
Flyer (French)  Download (1,39 MB)
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