Hotel, restaurant and catering trade - competent, safe and cost-efficient

The present guideline provides information, help and tips for entrepreneurs and management personnel. The guideline is structured according to issues that hotels and restaurants have to deal with every day. It describes the good practice in these companies.
The guideline has been developed by DEHOGA (Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband), BGN and industry representatives with the objective of setting a common industry standard for good and anticipatory work and organization design as well as good occupational safety and health. The guideline is addressed especially to small and medium-sized hotels and restaurants. Parts of it may also be of interest to management personnel of bigger companies and chains.
What benefits does the guideline offer?
The guideline showcases how hotels and restaurants organise and design their work successfully. It helps you to organize the work in the company more systematically and effectively and to anticipate potential risks. It provides ideas, tips and specific assistance concerning issues that are part of your everyday work. Additionally, the guideline also provides assistance on how to implement the large number of legal regulations as close to practice as possible.


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