A video explaining exposure to mould in inner rooms

Allergies to mould are an important health topic for bakers with allergic asthma and/or rhinopathy respectively rhinokonjunctivitis. It is the tasks of the employer to assure the protection against all hazards at the workplace caused by biological working materials. Besides the hazards arising at the workplace mould can also be of importance for your health in the private living environment.

Bakers suffering asthma but also other injured persons risk in the case of a high exposure to mould in the private environment that the allergic respiratory disease get worse. In about every tenth home damages caused by mould formation are found.

This video shows the essential measures in the home environment in order to minimize the exposure to mould. They are a useful and necessary option in order to complete the prevention of occupational mould allergies. These measures are also explained in details in the “information about mould exposure in inner rooms”.


Give the chop to mould! - A brochure for download (German version)Download (717 KB)