Enjoy the sun safely! How to prevent excessive exposure to sunlight at workplace

Sunlight has positive effects on human health; it plays a very important role for the synthesis of the vitamin D; it has also an environmental antibacterial action, so that it can prevent infections; besides it promotes positive effects from the psychological point of view, acting as an effective antidepressant. Last but not least, a beautiful tan often helps us to have a more pleasant aspect and help us keep fit.

Nevertheless we must be careful to avoid excessive exposure; at work if we remain under the sun without the necessary protective measures, we risk contracting skin and ocular diseases.

There are a lot of workers facing these risks, i.e. all outdoor workers, such as fishermen, farmers, building workers, water transport workers, bathing attendants etc. While for the recreational exposure to solar radiation suitable measures of prevention and protection are generally taken, due to a widespread awareness of these risks among sportsmen/sportswomen and the general population, at workplace this awareness is lacking in many cases and effective measures of prevention are seldom put into practice.



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