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Ben and Becky work together in a bakery and find themselves in a flour dust-competition. Flour dust arises when working in the bakery. It strains the airways and can at worst cause respiratory diseases and skin problems. Health hazards due to flour dust can be significantly reduced by preventive action. Therefore in this flour dust-competition points are earned for the right, low-dust working methods.

Ben and Becky show you how it works!

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Now Ben and Becky are in the first round of their contest. At the workbench, they have to demonstrate whether or not they are able to work without raising dust.

What is the best way to spread release flour? On the working surface or on the dough? Can the dough be prepared with a low-dust working method? Who can prepare the breadbaskets in a way that does not produce too much dust? And what is the best way to clean the workbenches afterwards without producing too much flour dust?

Video Sackware

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Now Ben and Becky are in the second round of their contest. Because the flour silo is inoperative, they prepare the dough with flour bags today.

What is the trick for low-dust bag emptying? How do you handle empty bags? And who succeeds in decanting small portions of flour dust-free?

Video Staubarme Produkte

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Today, however, Ben and Becky take a break and visit a trade fair for bakers. Here they find out the latest news. How is low-dust release flour produced? What are coated proofing trays? And what does the cleaning of the bakery have to do with it?

Video Silowaage

Video Beschreibung Silowaage

Now Ben and Becky are in the third round of their contest. They produce large amounts of dough. What is the best way to pour the flour from the silo into the tub with little flour dust? How to decant additional ingredients by hand dustless? And what is the matter with the kneading speed of the tub itself?

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