Collect protection measures with “GHS Jewels”, the homepage of the dangerous substances information system, aims to provide an easy and playful approach to the pictograms of dangerous substances.

The game “GHS Jewels” illustrates labelling symbols for chemicals with adverse health effects, as well as the basic principles for safe handling measures,thereby referring to the work place where the pictograms can be found. ’GHS Jewels’ is also available as an app for smartphones and as a PC game, which can for example be used on company Safety Days as a starting point for future instructions. For mobile phones with Android, Apple, and Windows systems, there is a link to the corresponding app store, allowing free installation of the game. 


Brochure for the GHS-Game (BG RCI.magazin, german version)

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Version for Android
Version for Apple
Version for Windows Phone

Version for Windows-Computer

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