Campaign „Glance over the shoulder“: be mobile consciously and safely

What’s about my driving ability? Do I drive as safe as in the past? These questions arise if we become older. Perfect persons to discuss this subject are family doctors. They know the previous history of their patients and are important persons of trust. But only 19% of car driving persons over an age of 65 have discussed the topic of driving ability with their doctor. This shows a “forsa” survey which the campaign “glance over the shoulder” of the German Traffic Safety Council (DVR) carried out in 2015. A result which is not surprising as 2/3 of all interviewed persons are convinced about their abilities to drive a car. 3/4 of the drivers will, however, be ready to their personal fitness for driving a car if they will notice that they do not any longer manage their car safely. But just this self-assessment is very difficult. Therefore the DVR runs the campaign “Glance over the shoulder” since 2012 in order to promote a regular and voluntary health check made by experts. Furthermore the campaign informs in details about the subject of driving ability of older persons. There are many ways to maintain the mobility of older persons and to be on the road safely. Security training for drivers, feedback tours with a driving instructor or seminars such as “be mobile safely” can contribute to improve the driving competence. The campaign “Glance over the shoulder” is a project supported by the Ministry of Traffic and Digital Infrastructure and the German Social Accident Insurance.

Aktion Schulterblick: Sicher mobil im Alter - Tipps für Angehörige und Freunde (german version)

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Aktion Schulterblick: Fit und Auto-mobil (german version) Download (2,7 MB)


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